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The water has “memory” of the energy that comes in contact with. Water when in motion breaks apart its own molecules releasing atoms of hydrogen and oxygen. The water that comes tumbling down the mountains is called “live” or “structured”. Live water when it spins it destroys pathogens like bacteria and parasites, and the released oxygen and hydrogen atoms seek molecules to bind themselves to and when they find molecules of heavy metals and chemicals like pesticides, they oxidize and/or hydrolyze them. Converting them in non-threatening molecules for the human body.

In Molecular Energy we have developed with the help and ideas or various scientists and people, a water purifier reestructurer that effectively can be put to work in homes, commercial buildings, hotels, pools, jungles, desert and the like. Heavy metal traces are minimized or completely rendered neutral for the human body. Released atoms of hydrogen and oxygen in the water purifier helps destroy microorganisms not good for the human life like bacteria, parasites and fungus.

Some minimal amount of water pressure is needed for the water to split its molecules in the purifier.

Water purifier measurements: 44cm x 5cm, with adapters.

  Price $200.00 US.

 water purifier

Installation of water purifier

It needs to get installed after the water meter.
If there is a water tank (reservoir) in the building (not hot), then it must go after that holding tank.
Don' t put any filters after the purifier because they will eventually convert into a biological colony of pathogens. Filters must be installed before the purifier if one is needed.
The water purifier can be installed in any direction.
It comes with adapters to be able to be removed and installed again in a different location.
If you can not install it after the meter, the next best place is under the sink in your kitchen. Rented condos is an example of cases where the tenant is not allowed to install purifier outside, after the meter.
It does not need maintenance.
It does not filter the water.
You do not need to change it.

How to test the water purifier effectivity

1. Take a sample of water before going thru the purifier, you can ask your neighbor for a sample if yours is already installed.
2. Use the muscle test technique explained in our website, and they compare the strength of another person while holding the potable water and then while holding the purified water.
3. If you want to spent some money and take the samples to a lab, call them first to find out their requirements for containers and sample taking technique. Tests must be done on a microscope to observe if there are life pathogens in the purified water and to observe the life pathogens in the potable water.
4. Dead pathogens (nothing moves) will be observed in the purified water and most times life microorganisms will be observed in the potable water.
5. Potability test on the purified water should not be done because the methodology used assumes that water must have chlorine. Normally it is done with a petri disk tester(bacteria growth) that contains life pathoges in order to test the potable and chlorinated water to make sure the pathogens do not grow more than expected due to the action of the chlorine.
6. If purified water does not contain chlorine then life is going to thrive in it, while not in the water with chlorine.
7. Purified water will taste different than potable water.
8. Some digestive issues are going to diminish and even disappear.
9. Blood oxygenation goes up, gives you a feeling of “well being”.
10. Visits to doctors and medical establishments diminish.
11. Animals get less sick
12. Plants grow better and healthier
13. Extend life of flowers