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Molecular Energy destroys from the body virus, bacteria, parasites, fungus, toxins, and any microorganism harmful to your health. Molecular Energy also hinders from your body the chemicals from medicine, pesticide, additives and preservatives, cosmetic, and solvents. Molecular Energy removes from the human body the elements that make it sick so it can recover its regenerating capacity given by the Creator.

Matter in nature is made up from molecules of different metals. The molecules are made of atoms and these have a nucleus, protons, and electrons. The electricity is produced by electrons, therefore, all matter has electricity.

Molecular Energy is defined as the capacity to boost the electricity in the molecules so we can benefit from it.

A colony of certain organism, for example salmonella or dengue, vibrates at a specific frequency, in other words, it has its own signature by which can be identified. Following the Physics principle of electromagnetism, which is called harmonic frequency, it is possible to destroy colonies of microorganisms by applying its own frequency at a higher intensity, at such a scale that the organism is stressed and explodes. Virus, bacteria, and parasites are destroyed by applying a high dose of their own harmonic frequency and explode them.